The Key
to Nature

Quinta do Santo


Knowledge and Flavors

Natural Peaceful and Charming

Resulting from the rehabilitation of an old farmhouse, Quinta do Santo maintains its original character with adaptations to fit the contemporary needs of Comfort and sustainability.

Ideal for families, a group of friends or even a romantic getaway. The main house has 4 exclusive suites, and adjacent to this is a private villa with 2 suites, kitchen and living room. Both buildings are a result of our commitment to sustainable tourism, with ecological materials so as to preserve nature and the surrounding environment.

Live the Experience

We provide our guests with exclusivity, premium products and services, with the aim of delivering a unique experience during their stay with us.


Cenoura-Brava restaurant is one of the highlights, featuring an exclusive tasting menu where local products are the starting point of a unique experience, inspired not only by regional but also international cuisine.


The spacious suites allow guests to admire the wonderful local nature. Comfort and harmony are the key to deliver prolonged sensations of well-being to everyone.

Jardim da Casa Principal

Main House

A unique and transformative experience. Live your best moment!
The innovative vision of future hospitality in an incredible house that combines sustainability, high technology and maximum comfort for those who love to travel.

Private Villa

Complete house with simple design respecting the local history using sustainable materials and natural insulation, living room, kitchen and 2 suites.


Garden, citrus and almond groves, hiking or cycling trails and outdoor pool.